Step 1: Production Brief. We have you fill out our production brief form with the essential details about your project (what/why/who/when). GET STARTED
Step 2: Strategic Meeting. In a phone meeting, we learn more about your organization’s goals and your goals for this video. Together we come up with a game plan to achieve your goals.
Step 3: Pre-production and Project Management. We manage the video production from start to finish, organizing a smooth process of milestones, approvals, and deliverables.
Step 4: Filming.  Using our extensive training and experience, we capture visuals and audio that brings your story to life.
Step 5: Editing:  We develop a narrative and visual approach to match your goals, carefully matching words, visuals and music into an integrated package. We work through a series of reviews and edits, collaborating with you until we create a film that meets your goals.
Timeline:  The average timeline for a 2-minute website video from last day of filming to final delivery is approximately 4-6 weeks.